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Solutionlab Production, UAB

Starting at 2007 Solutionlab Production evolved to a trustworthy Development and IT Consultancy partner, focusing on Quality results and Agile process, bringing the best value for our clients. We are Microsoft Certified Partners since 2009. Also, we are the only certified Umbraco Partner in Baltics. Solutionlab is a software development company which specializes on building custom, cloud-based and scalable software solutions based on Office365, Azure, AWS. We deliver customized services and solutions that cover full application development lifecycle, from initial identification of business requirements to system maintenance and trainings. Our highly skilled and experienced team of architects, project managers, testers and supporters are agile enough to seamlessly engage with your team at any stage of the project. Our vision is to bring the best value for our clients, empowering our knowledge, experience, people and agile process.


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Solutionlab Production
Įmonė įkurta 2007-01-02
Adresas Kareiviu str. 11B/ Business Centre ELEVEN/ 6 FLR
El. paštas
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